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The “Open Parliament” on-line platform - an independent digital tool which collects credible data, structured in specific profiles of the deputies, tracking their relations with the public and private sector and their parliamentary activity. The blog is an independent on-line media providing objective information on the work of the authorities, investigating institutional violations and defending the public interest.


“My Vote” platform is an interactive tool explaining to the voters their rights and obligations, the election procedures – deadlines, responsible institutions, filing of complaints and reports.


#OurVoiceCounts is a free-to-use platform that integrates more than 60 institutional datasets allowing its users to conduct new types of research.




The Organization's main mission is to promote a culture of civic engagement and participation towards the democratic process in the country; to develop and implement mechanisms for accountability and civic control over the public institutions and their activity; to introduce new practices and models, that can strenghten the activity of the public administration.




The IPED brings together people with extensive practical and theoretical experience in the field of public administration, local governance and civic activism. Our main goals are to disseminate ideas and information, and to build partnerships in support of the civil society development. We strive to create conditions that can guarantee respect for the rights and legitimate interests of all citizens.

The principal purposes of our organization are related to:


  • Promotion of civil culture and assertion of the values and principles of democratic law and order;


  • Encouragement of citizen control and popularization of the forms of citizen participation in governance;


  • Improvement of the mechanisms ensuring transparency and accountability in the public environment;


  • Building the capacity of public administration and improvement of governance in the public sector;


  • Keeping the public better informed for the European public policies and advocacy for publically important issues before the national and EU institutions;


  • Study and investigation of processes in the public environment, and making public the state of the public environment.

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