2011 - 2021 Independent observation on the election day

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Party financing in Bulgaria – study of the legislative framework of the system of political parties’ financing in Bulgaria, good international practices, recommendations for reform in the field.

2016 - 2019


Assessment of the impact of the election rules – old and new norms – study of the rules under which the parliamentary elections were held in 2013, as well as the changes introduced in the Electoral Code in 2014.


2012 Publications

  • Electoral rules in Bulgaria – impact and need for change – study of the electoral legislation in the country and recommendations for changes
  • BORCOR – between myths and corruption realities – study on the created and implemented complex model for prevention and counteraction to corruption and organized crime – BORCOR project

2011 Establishment of the Open Parliament

An open parliament is a platform for independent analysis of data on the activities of MPs and the legislative process.

2003 - 2009 The beginning ...

Research in the following areas:

  • Judicial reform
  • Local governance policies and practices
  • Transparency and accountability of institutions
  • Establishing the principles of the democracy and rule of law

2003 Establishment

The Institute for Development of the Public Environment was established on April 4, 2003 in Sofia.


The Institute for Public Environment Development (IPED) works to increase the civic participation in the public governance, to limit the influence of money in politics and ensure a fair electoral process. More about the members of our team – Diana Eftimova, Iva Lazarova, Lilian Nikiforova and Yasen Lazarov.

The mission of IPED includes the development and implementation of mechanisms for accountability of the public institutions and civic control over their activities.

The organization was established on 04.04.2003 in Sofia and combines the efforts of professionals with extensive practical and theoretical experience in the fields of public administration, local governance and civic participation. Among its co-founders were Svetoslav Georgiev (part of IPED’s team from 2003 to 2019) – a political scientist and expert with vast experience at different positions in the local and state administration; Antoaneta Tzoneva (part of IPED’s team from 2003 to 2016) – an expert in the fields of local governance, anti corruption policies and the electoral process, and the first ombudsman of Sofia; Boyanka Georgieva (part of IPED’s team from 2003 to 2021) – a lawyer and expert with long-term experience in the field of public administration.

In 2018 IPED was registered in the Commercial Register and the Register for Non-Profit Legal Entities at the Registry Agency.

In the last decade IPED has been working in the field of independent observation of the electoral process in Bulgaria and we have developed a network of volunteers – non-partisan observers. We focus on protecting voters’ rights and identifying the risks of fraudulent practices in the electoral process. With our analyses and research we aim to support the expert debate in the field of the electoral legislation and procedures.

Тhe Board of Directors is the governing body of IPED. The Board is composed of representatives of various professional fields in the country. You can find out who are the members of our Board HERE.

The Statute of the organization may be found HERE. All of IPED’s reports are public, and more information about them is available on the website of the Registry Agency.

Оur organizational documents may be found HERE.

Mission and goals


The Organization’s main mission is promotion of civil culture and assertion of the values and principles of democratic law and order, encouragement of citizen control and popularization of the forms of citizen participation in governance.

Our main goals are dissemination of ideas and information, building partnerships and implementing programs and projects targeting: civil society development; creating conditions to guarantee respect for the rights and legitimate interests of citizens.The main areas of activity of the

Organization are development of civil-society participation in government; elaboration and application of controlling and accounting instruments designed for public institutions, and implementation of new practices and models in connection with public administration.

  • Promotion of civil culture and assertion of the values and principles of democratic law and order;
  • Encouragement of citizen control, and popularization of the forms of citizen participation in governance;
  • Improvement of the mechanisms ensuring transparency and accountability in the public environment;
  • Building the capacity of public administration and improvement of governance in the public sector;
  • Study and investigation of processes in the public environment, and making public the state of the public environment.

And more


The Association the Institute for Public Environment Development was established on 04.04.2003 in Sofia and was registered by the Sofia City Court with court case № 4552. The Association was registered in the Commercial Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities at the Registry Agency in 2018.

More information about the activities and the annual reports of the association can be found on the website of the Registry Agency.

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