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Elections, Referendums and the Personal data of citizens - press-conference

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On 19th of September, 2016 IPED organized a press-conference on the topic "Elections and referendums - the use of citizens’ personal data - possible risks and prevention".

The participants in the press-conference were: the Chairman of the Commission for Personal Data Protection - Mr. Ventsislav Karadjov, IPED’s Chair of the Board - Mrs. Antoaneta Tzoneva, the Speaker of the Central Election Commission - Mrs. Kameliya Neikova.

IPED presented the online tool “My Personal Data”, developed in cooperation with the Commission for Personal Data Protection.

During the press-conference, the following topics were also discussed:

  • The role of the Commission for Personal Data Protection during elections and referendums, collecting signatures, personal data administrators - who is an administrator and should be registered by the Commission; data protection - obligations of the political parties/coalitions/initiative committees when collecting signatures in support and archiving such data; recommendations made by the Commission to the political subjects after the conducted inspections;


  • The amendments in the Electoral Code concerning the improved procedures for personal data protection;


  • Electronic check on the official web-site of the Central Electoral Commission; inspections by the General Directorate “Civil Registration and Administrative Services” of the collected signatures in support of political parties/coalitions/initiative committees.