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Roundtable discussion: "Why should the election rules be corrected and are there any lessons learned from the last elections?"

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On the 27th of February, 2012 as part of the project “Impact Assessment of the New Election Legislation in Bulgaria and Advocacy for a Fair Election Process”, supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy, a roundtable discussion was held: “Why should the election rules be corrected and are there any lessons learned from the last elections?” In front of the participants was presented the report of the Institute for Public Environment Development: “Election Rules in Bulgaria – The Effect and Necessity of Change”.


The report provides full analysis of the elections held in 2011 for president and vice-president of Bulgaria, and the local elections in the country as well. The analysis ends with 31 proposals, made by the Institute for Public Environment Development, regarding the improvement of the election process in Bulgaria.


Participants in the discussion were Mr. Veselin Vuchkov – deputy minister of the Interior, Ms. Ralitza Negentzova – speaker of the Central Electoral Commission and members of the CEC, Mr. Georgy Lozanov – chairman of the Council for Electronic Media, members of the Bulgarian parliament, members of the administration to the Bulgarian Council of Ministers, representatives of the Bulgarian National Audit Office and of the General direction for “Civil Registration and Administrative Services”, observers of the elections, members of Bulgarian NGOs and the Media.


The full report “Election Rules in Bulgaria - the Effect and Necessity of Change", can be found at the following links: here and here