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The “Open Parliament” on-line platform - an independent digital tool which collects credible data, structured in specific profiles of the deputies, tracking their relations with the public and private sector and their parliamentary activity. The blog is an independent on-line media providing objective information on the work of the authorities, investigating institutional violations and defending the public interest.


“My Vote” platform is an interactive tool explaining to the voters their rights and obligations, the election procedures – deadlines, responsible institutions, filing of complaints and reports.


“Zakrila” (which means “Shelter” in English) - an online tool presenting systematic institutional information about the refugees in Bulgaria.


“For Fair Elections” crowdsourcing tool - a map of the violations in the election process in Bulgaria, based on the Ushahidi platform that was launched for the Presidential and municipal elections in 2011.


#OurVoiceCounts is a free-to-use platform that integrates more than 60 institutional datasets allowing its users to conduct new types of research.




IPED trains journalists, policemen and senior magistrates

With a seminar in Plovdiv on the 8th, 9th and 10th of September 2011 the Institute for Public Environment Development presented its project “Mobilization of the institutions and the civil resources for fair and free election process in Plovdiv, Kardzhali, Pernik, Petrich, Sozopol, Nessebar, Bansko and Sandanski”, funded by Foundation "America for Bulgaria".

The seminar was organized and conducted by the Institute. The main participants of the event were more than 30 journalists, representing the central and local Medias, regional directors of the Ministry of interior and chiefs of regional police departments in municipalities at risk, as well as regional and district prosecutors. The Institute presented in front of the participants the findings of their terrain research, regarding threats for the election process during the upcoming presidential and and local elections. The participants discussed the possibilities for cooperation between the law enforcement authorities and civil society in order to ensure the fair and free electoral process.

The event was opened by the Deputy Minister of the Interior of Bulgaria - Mr. Veselin Vuchkov. During the seminar, the Minister of the Interior – Tzvetan Tzvetanov also conducted a press conference about the risks for the election process with the attending journalists of central and local Medias.