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The “Open Parliament” on-line platform - an independent digital tool which collects credible data, structured in specific profiles of the deputies, tracking their relations with the public and private sector and their parliamentary activity. The blog is an independent on-line media providing objective information on the work of the authorities, investigating institutional violations and defending the public interest.


“My Vote” platform is an interactive tool explaining to the voters their rights and obligations, the election procedures – deadlines, responsible institutions, filing of complaints and reports.


“Zakrila” (which means “Shelter” in English) - an online tool presenting systematic institutional information about the refugees in Bulgaria.


“For Fair Elections” crowdsourcing tool - a map of the violations in the election process in Bulgaria, based on the Ushahidi platform that was launched for the Presidential and municipal elections in 2011.


#OurVoiceCounts is a free-to-use platform that integrates more than 60 institutional datasets allowing its users to conduct new types of research.




Declaration of the independent election observer from the team of IPED

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We would like to present you the Declaration of the independent election observer from the team of IPED. By signing it our observers guaranteed that they will follow the internationally accepted standards for non-partisan election observation.




I, the undersigned, declare that:

1 – I am not a candidate of a political party, coalition or initiative committee, nor am I an advocate or representative of the participants in the election;

2 – I am not a representative of the electoral administration in the country;

3 – I will not use in any way my position as observer in order to assist or participate in an observation of the electoral process, conducted by political parties, coalitions and initiative committees;

4 – I will not participate in activities that may be defined as a crime against the political rights of any citizen or as administrative violations of the electoral process;

5 – I will work as an independent observer of the upcoming elections, and I will strictly follow the principles of political detachment, while performing impartial observation of the electoral process;

6 – I will work to support the democratic electoral process and I will protect the integrity of the independent monitoring of elections;

7 – I will attend the necessary trainings for independent observers and I will inform myself about the requirements of the electoral legislation;

8 – I will respect the role of the electoral administrative bodies at all levels and will not interfere illegally or in any unacceptable manner in the administration of the electoral process;

9 – I will strictly follow the methodology, used by the organization, and I will act as I was instructed by it;

10 – I will report fairly, accurately and timely for all of the events that I will observe as an independent observer;

11 – I will refrain from personal comments for the media or the public, prior to the publication of the official results of the monitoring of the organization to which I am registered as an observer, unless I have not been instructed to do otherwise;

12 – I will resign from the position of an independent observer in case that a conflict of interest would prevent me in any way to fairly, accurately and timely conduct an independent monitoring of the elections. I will resign from my position as an independent observer if I have to violate the provisions of this Declaration.




Signature:                                                               Date:





The Institute for Public Environment Development would like to thank all the volunteers who decided to join our team and monitor the early parliamentary elections. Dear friends, we appreciate your involvement in the cause for fair electoral process!