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Several of the Institute’s proposals to better inform the citizens were implemented by the Central Election Commission

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On the 14th of November, 2012 the IPED team met with representatives of the Central Election Commission to discuss the CEC’s concept of an awareness campaign on the rights and duties of citizens related to the conducting of national referendum. During the discussion our experts presented to the commission, suggestions and comments on the proposed concept. You may find those suggestions (in Bulgarian) here.


The members of CEC expressed their willingness to comply with several of the Institute’s proposals. It should be noted that at this point it is already happening:


-          On the 19th of December, 2012 the Central Election Commission created a Facebook information page, thus becoming one of the first Bulgarian institutions providing information trough the social networks. For the first democratic referendum in Bulgaria, the CEC has created an information page in Twitter as well.


-          In the webpage of the Commission, related to the referendum, there is a special subpage “For Citizens”, where the entire amount of official information for them, related to the national survey is being published.


-          In the webpage of the Commission, citizens may find links to a useful digital tool, allowing them to check if they are included in the voter lists.


The Actions taken by the CEC are an important step in providing information and receiving feedback from the citizens, about electoral rights and the organization of the electoral process in general.