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The “Open Parliament” on-line platform - an independent digital tool which collects credible data, structured in specific profiles of the deputies, tracking their relations with the public and private sector and their parliamentary activity. The blog is an independent on-line media providing objective information on the work of the authorities, investigating institutional violations and defending the public interest.


“My Vote” platform is an interactive tool explaining to the voters their rights and obligations, the election procedures – deadlines, responsible institutions, filing of complaints and reports.


“Zakrila” (which means “Shelter” in English) - an online tool presenting systematic institutional information about the refugees in Bulgaria.


“For Fair Elections” crowdsourcing tool - a map of the violations in the election process in Bulgaria, based on the Ushahidi platform that was launched for the Presidential and municipal elections in 2011.


#OurVoiceCounts is a free-to-use platform that integrates more than 60 institutional datasets allowing its users to conduct new types of research.




Internship program for students - "Public policies and civic participation"

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In the period from May to August, 2015 the IPED will conduct a pilot internship program aimed at students from three Bulgarian universities - University of National and World Economy, Sofia University - St. Kliment Ohridski and New Bulgarian University. The training will enable the gathering of an informal group of young professionals who share similar values ​​and views on possible approaches to the public environment development in Bulgaria. What types of NGOs are operating in Bulgaria and what are their causes? What approaches are they using in their work, how do they maintain contact with the institutions, mobilize citizens, etc. The internship program of IPED will answer these and other questions in order to assist in the professional and practical training of responsible young people, who are expected after graduation to focus their careers on public positions, requiring high level of knowledge and integrity.


The internship program will divide student applicants into two groups that will participate in the prepared modules – theoretical lecture orientation, and daily practical work along with the Institute for Public Environment Development. The duration of the internship program will be of five weeks and we will try to adjust the participation of students in the first or second group (as far as possible) with their existing schedule - lectures, exams, holidays, etc.



How to apply:

Before applying for the internship program, students will have to confirm that the internship will be academically recognized within their relative area of studies. The next step is to send a short CV, motivation letter (in free form) and contact information, enabling us to call back the candidates. Contacting the candidates and conducting an additional short interview will allow us to select those students who are most interested and would have the highest benefit from the internship program.


Where will the internship program take place?

Internship sessions will be held in the office of IPED on "Strumitza street, 1A" and they will require about six hours per week by the students (one day will allocate three hours for the theory and another - 3 hours of the practical course). The theoretical modules will be conducted for the entire groups, while the practical part of the program will take individualized approaches.

If you or your friends and colleagues are interested in the internship program, you can send us your CV and a short motivation letter (in free form) by the 30th of April, 2015 on one of the following addresses:


iassen@iped.bg – Iassen Lazarov - coordinator of the program;

iped@iped.bg – Institutional e-mail of IPED.


For more information (in Bulgarian) about the prepared program, you may review this web-link.